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Sunday, 27 December 2015

10 WCW Divas Who Posed Hot

7. Major Gunns

WCW's Major Gunns

Tylene Buck appeared under her genuine name in 2000 as a component of the quartet of ladies named The nWo Girls, utilized fundamentally as qualities for the new incarnation of the nWo (she was joined by Pamela Paulshock, April Hunter, and Shakira). In the long run, her part developed and she joined The Misfits in real life as Major Gunns before betraying them and joining Lance Storm's Team Canada. 

In spite of being perfect and being utilized vigorously as a part of quarrels against other WCW angels, for example, Ms. Hancock and Tygress, Gunns was discharged in 2001 just before WCW was sold off to Vince McMahon.



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