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Sunday, 27 December 2015

10 WCW Divas Who Posed Hot

10. Torrie Wilson

We commence this rundown with the undeniable decision and a complete easy decision as far as WCW "Divas" who postured hot. 

Before she turned into WWE's inhabitant "young lady nearby" and one of their most attractive and bankable identities, Torrie Wilson was acquainted with the wrestling scene in 1999 as an individual from the WCW list. Passing by the name of "Samantha" for a period, Torrie was acquired by the nWo with a specific end goal to allure David Flair and inspire him to betray his dad, Ric Flair. 

Despite the fact that Torrie went ahead to have a better than average keep running with WCW, she truly hit her step once she joined WWE and turned into the SmackDown! brand's top Diva babyface, taking part in quarrels with any semblance of Nidia Guenard and Dawn Marie Ronaldi; while likewise carrying on sentimental organizations with a few WWE Superstars, for example, Billy Gunn, Maven Huffman, and Yoshihiro Tajiri.



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